Drums For One & All

Services for the local drumming community

Workshop Instruction
Event Facilitation
Private Lessons
Live Performance
Drum Repairs
Over the past 20 years, Dave C. has lead 1000+ drumming events at schools, colleges, churches, retreat centers and other institutions across New England. These events can take many forms, such as facilitating freestyle drum circles, teaching workshops, leading church services, or working with youth groups. Dave has enough instruments for groups of up to 50 people.
If you're looking for personalized instruction, Dave C. teaches private lessons out of his home in Upton, MA (just off 495, one exist south of the Mass Pike).

Dave can teach general hand drumming technique from beginner level up to advanced level. He can offer workshops on specific topics such as West African rhythms, Middle Eastern rhythms, djembe/dunun technique, doumbek technique, fingerstyle frame drumming and a wide range of percussion instruments.

Dave C. offers live musical performance in a variety of formats. In addition to West African or Middle Eastern style drumming, Dave C. also sings and plays a number of melodic instruments. He is able to perform meditative music that is appropriate for mediation groups, church services and yoga classes.
Dave C. can repair most kinds of hand drums and percussion instruments. He can rehead and tune drums with either rope or bolt tuning. If your instrument requires repair, contact Dave C. for an estimate.