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Dave C. lead his first public drum circle in Milford MA back in 2001. Although that first circle looked more like a triangle, it has continued every month up to the present day and is now known as FreeDrum. These days, it's typical for Dave C. to be involved in as many as 20 events per month, and he shows no signs of slowing down. Where Dave's initial interest was in West African drumming, he has since expanded his skills to include Middle Eastern doumbek and frame drumming, as well as forays into Afro-Cuban, Brazilian and other ethnic traditions.

Dave C. comes from a musical family and initially he relied on his general musical instincts to become a self-taught hand drummer. But along the way, he has learned from well-known drummers such as Arthur Hull, Issa Coulibaly, Sayon Camara, Glen Velez, Carmine Guida, and many others.

Dave C. is also a co-creator and co-organizer for the Eastern Mass Rhythm Festival, which is now entering its 13th season (www.rhythmfestival.org)